Writer’s workshop & coaching

Spiritual adventure: Creative Writer’s Workshop in Gambia
  • Week 2-3 2019 You are offered an unique possibility to participate in a Writer’s Workshop in Gambia, with new and maybe old friends!
  • Course in Creative Methods of Expressions, one session/day (scroll down to see programme)
  • Meditation in group or individually, one session/day
  • Exhibitions with guide, 4-5 times
  • And of course relaxing visits at the beach, wonderful lazy times at the pool and much more.
For the energetic participant Senegambia is an area of tourist Gambia that has night clubs and bars that are open until the morning.
  • The price is 23,500 SEK (2300 EURO/GBP/USD).
  • This includes flight (12,000 SEK or 1200 EURO/GBP/USD), accomodation and meals together with other expenses in connection with the exhibition etc. (7,500 SEK or 700 EURO/GBP/USD) and the course (4,000 SEK or 400 EURO/GBP/USD).
  • If You arrange your flight and/or accomodation by yourself, contact Visionary Life for adjusted price.
Reserve your seat latest 30 september, with payment of 3,000 SEK or 300 EURO/GBP/USD (non-refundable).
  • The number of participants is limited, since the creative process in the group is strengthened by a smaller group.
  • Send Your name, address and phone number in an e-mail to visionarylife.se@gmail.com.
When You are accepted, You will receive a mail where You are asked to fill in more detailed information, for instance about Your preferences, so that we might create the most agreable travel and visit for You.
  • PROGRAMME AND SCHEDULE will be sent out when You have paid in full.
  • TRAVEL INFORMATION will be sent November.
  • ACCOMODATION:You will be offered a single room or double room.
  • MEALS: Breakfast, lunch and dinner is available for vegetarians and with meat or fish alternatives.
  CREATIVE WRITER’S WORKSHOP aims to strengthen your creaive language and life, through different techniques and methods, to develop yourself personally and intuitively. The workshop creates new ways to enhance your inner self-healing force, which in turn strengthen your self-esteem, your self-knowledge and your ability to communicate. You will have opportunity to both reflect personally and meet others in creative dialogue.
  • Besides creative expressions in art, acting and writing, you will also receive specific knowledge and insights in your current and/or future writing, through workshop sections as
  • the purpose with your writing and your personal writing language
  • different perspectives of telling a story and focus in stories
  • routines and structures in your writing and organizing of your material
  • ways to publication.