Visionary Life is dedicated in offering products and services that contains both inspiration and knowledge. This is something that is a solid foundation for the development of this company. Visionary Life publisher company, coaching & consulting focuses on societal and personal development. Visionary Life wants to participate in the process of creating a better society, where all people are encouraged to find their true self-worth as human beings and their unique talents as individuals.   Visionary Life is
  • a publisher company that publish books and other products with a focus on personal development and health,
  • a company that offers coaching & consulting in services like courses, lectures and workshops,
  • also offering coaching to other companies, organizations and institutions, with focus on clear and constructive communication.
  With inspiration we hope to bring both joy and energy to not only appreciate the books, the retreats or the workshops, but to also find ways how to improve the continuation of our clients. With knowledge we base our methods and practices, which is from a base of neuroscience and quantum physics. Finally we can find scientific findings in ancient wisdom in yoga, meditation and mindfullness! Our hope is that you will find support, service and suggestions at Visionary Life! If you seek specific products or services by Sophia Lovgren, click here.